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Memang ganas ikan piranha punya gigitan tengok mangsa nie

Piranha attacks on humans is not very frequent in fact the native’s don’t fear piranha attacks at all they have their kids swimming in the infested waters, where humans and piranhas attack and prey on same food source as humans, Native humans know about the danger involved in  attacks and there have been piranha attacks in the past where some native fisher men have lost their life or some piranha attacks ended up killing natives, however the natives have no choice but to get into piranha waters as the rivers usually flood their homes..

This attack happened when an excavator fell in the Amazon river, the true home to these rumors, employees working for a gas company were informed about the danger involved about the previous accidents, employees while carrying out work on a gas-line for Petrobras unaware of the previous incident the operator broke the glass to free himself but wounded his hand trying to escape, the blood attracted Piranhas, now when they  attack  they have a reputation of eating flesh out of bones… look at what happens when piranha attack humans.

As a group, they have various attack strategies, including ambushes and stealth, the reason why theyl have such bad reputation is because of their appetite for flesh, piranhas attack differs on various different things for example a single piranhas may not include a large animal, usually when alone piranha hunts only on small insects and small fish, when in shoals piranha attacks may vary from a large fish to a large mammal, usually this attack are a trigger effect of various factors such as just before the attack was the animal wounded and bleeding, yes piranha attacks can strip down a cow but do you think by the time piranhas takes down a cow, the animal will just lay down and wait for piranhas to do that, environmentalist have also found that piranhas in a shoal are usually not for attacks but for safety, a male fish any sized animal if they wander to close to the nest, in that scenario even the most calm animal will attack to defend its offspring, piranha attacks may happen depending on the number of piranhas in the shoal and various other situations..

Here are some quick facts you may want to know when this fish attack :-
  1. Piranhas attacks are large based on the shoal numbers.
  2. Piranhas only the prey of its size when not in huge numbers.
  3. Piranha attacks can bring down large animals but only if the animal is there in water for a longer time. 
  4. Piranhas are not man eaters. 
  5. Piranhas like other animals are good opportunistic(they believe in scavenging then attacks)
  6. This fish like other animals has taken million of years to evolve..Just look at their blade sharp teeth..

The deadly attacks is probably the most feared thought in the world in freshwater. This  fish in the world is the most feared. The attacks Tales equaling that of the great white shark and have been told of the dangers involved in dealing with piranha , which possesses a full set of razor sharp teeth and use them as a tool when piranhas attacks.

They  travel in a large group, or a shoal, and  collaborates to attacks fairly large animals even 10 times its size. attacks Tales on humans have been told of how the murky waters of the Amazon River are not safe due to the presence them . Piranhas attacks stories have been circulated throughout the globe of unlucky people accidentally falling and facing an attack in the waters  and humans getting consumed by the attacks, in fact the piranhas can turn humans into bones in a matter of seconds, It is true that the piranhas attacks prey much greater their size, but the piranhas attacks reputation as a man-eater has been highly exaggerated by the piranha haters. In fact the majority of piranhas  species do not even eat meat.

According to the Eco traveler's Wildlife Guide of Peru, “There are 25 different species in the Amazon…Regardless of their reputation of piranha attack on humans, this fish also eat a lot of fruits floating in the water. Only six species of piranhas  are primarily flesh eaters as adults. Even then this fish attacks they usually eat form of fins and scales of other fish. In Peru humans can safely swim without fearing attacks  in the infested water without any attacks from piranha. The book continues to state that “We regularly swim near these piranhas , and in 30 years have never had so much about the piranha attacks – except on a fishing line” .Ricardo is a native of the Amazon Basin in Peru where these piranha attack stories evolved from and states that he has not heard of anyone being bitten by piranhas or there being any attack, while swimming in the piranha waters where we have piranha. He continued that the only times he had heard of piranha attack or people being bitten by piranha was after the piranha had been caught and was flopping around on the bottom of the fishing boat near shoeless fishermen obviously attack for self defence.

So, if the rumor of  attacks and ferocious humans flesh eater is not true…what is true about this mysterious fish?

Piranhas  are typically fairly small which average around 8 inches long and at longest this fishe are around 20 inches as per humans records. As said earlier this fish travel in enormous packs and have incredible appetites that’s is the reason of  attacks on humans or other animals. The fruit eating species of piranha devour many different types of fruits during the rainy seasons. During these times the land is flooded and the piranha are able to swim among the bases of these trees and eat the fallen fruit not attack humans. Once eaten, the seeds of the fruit pass through the digestive systems of the piranhas  which aids in the regeneration of future plants throughout the forest.

The few species of the piranhas that are flesh eaters typically attack animals instead of attack humans, this attacks much larger in size than the individual groups. According to Wildlife Fact Files “it is believed that piranhas tend to attack animals that are more than four times as long as piranhas. Fish that are less than three times as long are less likely to be attacked.” In the environment of the Amazon River basin it seems it pays off not to be the biggest animal in the water. These flesh eating fish which we think attacks humans have extremely sharp teeth which can slice through bone and have been noted to eat many large mammals also that fall into the water face attacks. An account this fish attacks the largest rodent in the world, a capybara which weighed more than 110 pounds compared to an average humans weight.

Piranha attack is only found in South America and usually exist in only the murkiest of waters which usually humans do not dive into. This fish seems to have a fairly good life without too much trouble. There is not really a fear of extinction for the this fish because of humans expansion. The female fish typically lay several thousand eggs at one time during the spawning season of March. This fish are also lucky to have only one predator – man so its not something like piranhas attack humans it is humans attacks on piranhas.

According to Ricardo, the two main food supplements of the area are fish and bananas – not even piranhas  is excluded. While in Peru our group had the privilege of piranha fishing and tasting the benefits of our hard work. Using raw beef we worked hard to try to catch this toothed wonder(piranhas), but fishing for piranhas proved very difficult. Most likely our group would have starved had we only the opportunity to rely on our piranha fishing skills. In the end though, humans were victorious and we were able to eat the piranhas before they got us.

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