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KLIPS - Malaysia's online movie community

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What is KLIPS?

Never again watch the wrong movies!

KLIPS is Malaysia's online movie community where users connect to rate, review
and watch trailers to the latest movies. It is a place to read and hear honest
opinions about the movies Malaysians are watching.

And what's so cool about it?

Besides getting to contribute (add news, images or trailers, rate, review, like or
dislike) to movie pages, there isn't any other community out there like KLIPS
where Malaysians can regularly win free movie tickets. And it is really simple to
be in the running to win!

In short, what is KLIPS all about?


Oh nice! How can I get my hands on these free tickets?

First, look out for movies with the golden "FREE PASSES" label on the site. These are the movies that you will be able to win free tickets to. Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter (@klipsmalaysia) or Facebook (KLIPS) and be notified whenever we have movie tickets to give away.

There are two ways to win free tickets:

  1. Let your friends know that you want to watch a particular movie by sharing the movie trailer on your social networks. You earn one chance for every unique visit achieved.
  2. Answer a super quick and easy poll and earn ten chances on the spot.

How are winners chosen?

Users are selected based on lucky draw, until all tickets have been given out. In simple terms, the more chances you have in this pool; the more likely are your chances of winning. 

How many tickets will each winner get?

Winners will receive at minimum two (2) tickets each.

This is great! Tell me how I can get on board!

What you can do to get started is to hop over to www.klips.my, sign up and you are good to roll!

If you aren’t in already, it's probably about time to!

Contact Information:

If you happen to want to talk to us about anything related to KLIPS, shoot us an email at hello@klips.my or tweet us at @klipsmalaysia. 

Media/Event/Press Inquiries
Terence Ooi at terence@says.com or Serene Gan at serene@says.com
+6 03 7731 7583

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Sekiranya is ada menguris hati yang membaca ini... is pohon kemaafan, dan seribu keampunan dari ujung rambut sampai ujung kaki..
I Luv All Of You Commenters OF My Blog
is terpaksa Moderated Kan Komen sebab is tak perasan komen masuk bila login kat dashboard, kesian sahabat kita ada yang komen is lambat balas.

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